Some churches oppose Obama on health care

By Dennis Gruending   President Barack Obama appeared on national television recently to promote his plan for reforming the American  health care system. He is involved in a high stakes contest against the massive American health insurance lobby and its political friends among Republicans, but also some so-called Blue Dog Democrats who are opposed to... Continue Reading →

Development and Peace under attack by Catholic right

By Dennis Gruending The Canadian Catholic aid agency Development and Peace (D&P) has come under attack recently from right wing Catholics in English Canada and the United States. The allegations, frequently repeated, became something of a feeding frenzy beginning in March. The claim is that D&P provides money to non-government organizations in Mexico that condone... Continue Reading →

Cardinal Turcotte stirs abortion debate

By Dennis Gruending  Jean-Claude Cardinal Turcotte has waded into Canada’s federal election campaign by returning his Order of Canada medal in protest against Dr. Henry Morgentaler’s receiving a similar award in July. Morgentaler went to prison in the 1970s for providing women with abortions in free-standing clinics and without permission from hospital abortion committees. The... Continue Reading →

The Cry, young conservatives and end times

By Dennis Gruending Two summers ago a young friend of mine encountered a youth rally one day while working near Parliament Hill in downtown Ottawa. The event was called The Cry and its speakers denounced contemporary Canada but supported the government of Israel. Faytene Kryskow, one of the organizers, later told an evangelical publication, "There was a sense... Continue Reading →

Alphonse Gerwing family stirs Morgentaler debate

By Dennis Gruending Some family members of Alphonse Gerwing, who died in November 2007, say they will return his Order of Canada medal. His nephew and a sister have said that a similar award made to Dr. Henry Morgentaler tarnishes the one given to their relative. Al Gerwing was one of my high school teachers and remained a friend and mentor until... Continue Reading →

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