Rearview mirrors: Western premiers and the carbon tax

Justin Trudeau’s re-election has unleashed political outrage in Alberta and Saskatchewan. Alberta Premier Jason Kenney is talking about Alberta’s being “betrayed.” Saskatchewan’s Premier Scott Moe sent a letter to Trudeau demanding that he cancel the federal carbon tax, build various pipelines and renegotiate the formula for equalization payments. I’ll withhold detailed comment on equalization payments,... Continue Reading →

Koch brothers finance Canada’s right

Newspapers have recently carried lengthy obituaries on the death of David Koch, the US billionaire. Through Koch Industries, David and his equally  wealthy brother Charles controlled the second largest private corporation in the US, with ownership in chemicals, pipelines and fossil fuel extraction. The company was also, until recently, a major investor in Alberta’s oil... Continue Reading →

Tony Clarke and zero carbon emissions

Respected activist and writer Tony Clarke has just published a book called Getting to Zero: Canada Confronts Global Warming. It is a timely release since hundreds of policymakers, goaded by civil society activists, are meeting at the World Climate Summit in Katowice, Poland to wrestle with how to mitigate global warming which is threating not only... Continue Reading →

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