Writing Clearly

Writing clearly & concisely People often don’t think clearly about what they want to say. Lazy thinking produces fuzzy writing. English novelist and journalist George Orwell provided six rules for clear and concise writing that can improve your letters, articles, leaflets, speeches, and news releases. The points below are adapted from Orwell’s essay, Politics and... Continue Reading →

Working a Room

Meeting others is something that we all know how to do. But in public life you meet hundreds of people, often in groups or in crowded rooms. The secret is to establish a personal link with each person, even in the briefest of encounters. Your handshake should be brief and firm, but the grip should... Continue Reading →

Responding to the Media

Taking media calls Reporters may call for your reaction to comments or events. At times these may be cold calls, asking you to respond to something that you have not heard about. The stakes can be high, so be sure to negotiate the interview. You can respond immediately (if you feel prepared), or promise to... Continue Reading →

Relaxation Technique

In preparing for a speech, news conference, interview or any public event, take time to find somewhere to spend a few minutes to relax and get centered. You can do this in a vehicle, a studio waiting room, a washroom, even on a chair in a crowded room. Sit comfortably with your hands hanging loosely... Continue Reading →

Preparing a News Release

The timing of a release should be sensitive to news deadlines. You need a headline, a date, a release date (usually Immediate) and a dateline (the location from where it originates). Keep releases short (one page). Add biographical information or a Backgrounder on a second page if needed. Put the most important information near the... Continue Reading →

Performing in Debates

The decision about whether to attend an all-candidates’ debate (if you are in a political campaign) is a strategic one, but usually you should do it – voters and media expect it, and it gives you a chance to shine. During the debate, strive to be the most reasonable person in the studio (or room).... Continue Reading →

How to Hold a News Conference

Call a news conference only if you have something new or significant to announce -- journalists will lose respect for you if you summon them for no important reason. Choose a time that works best for local media deadlines & a location easily accessible for reporters and television cameras. Consider choosing a location that is... Continue Reading →

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