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Covid and remote learning, a grandparent’s diary

For three days last week I sat beside my six-year-old grandson as he endured three days of online classes in grade one. It was not really a pleasant experience for him and some of the other students, especially the boys. It could not have been pleasant for their teachers. Nor was it a picnic for… Continue Reading →

Best Books 2021

I have begun to see posts about books that people have read and enjoyed in 2021. Much of my reading has been toward a research project, but there were other books too. Unfortunately, I read very little fiction in the past year. I will try to rectify that in the year to come. Here goes… Continue Reading →

Climate change, hope and discipline  

Hope is not an emotion. It is a discipline. Those two short sentences registered with me recently during an evening ZOOM session. Rob Samulack, an Ottawa nurse, and an environmentalist described his experiences at the COP 26 UN Climate Conference held in Glasgow between October 31 and November 13, 2021.  He was there as an… Continue Reading →

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