Saskatchewan farmland, new serfdom

On September 10, the Toronto Globe and Mail carried an admiring story about Robert Andjelic. He lives near Calgary, but in recent years has assembled 225,000 acres of farmland in Saskatchewan. A Globe reporter accompanied Andjelic in his monster pickup on a 1,500-kilometre road trip to survey his properties. The journalist was obviously impressed. He... Continue Reading →

Jackie Gruending: a memorial tribute

We lost our dear brother Jackie Gruending to the ravages of multiple sclerosis in August 2021 at age 57. My sister Charlene Dobmeier and I have produced a memorial booklet released through her publishing company Kingsley. It briefly combines Jackie's personal history along with that of our family and community, complete with a good sampling... Continue Reading →

Covid-19 was not from a lab

Dr. Angela Rasmussen, University of Saskatchewan, David Stobbe photo A group of eighteen health scientists, including Dr. Angela Rasmussen from the University of Saskatchewan, have published two peer-reviewed studies which conclude that the COVID-19 epidemic began in the Huanan market in the city of Wuhan, China where the virus spread from live animals to humans.... Continue Reading →

Medicare at 60: RCMP spied on founders

(Anti-Medicare rally, Regina,1962) Medicare was born amid controversy in Saskatchewan in July 1962, when the province's medical profession went on strike rather than cooperate with a new government plan. The essence of that plan was that visits to the doctor would be paid out of tax revenue rather than having individuals pay out of pocket.... Continue Reading →

Best Books 2021

I have begun to see posts about books that people have read and enjoyed in 2021. Much of my reading has been toward a research project, but there were other books too. Unfortunately, I read very little fiction in the past year. I will try to rectify that in the year to come. Here goes... Continue Reading →

Climate change, hope and discipline  

Rob Samulack Hope is not an emotion. It is a discipline. Those two short sentences registered with me recently during an evening ZOOM session. Rob Samulack, an Ottawa nurse, and an environmentalist described his experiences at the COP 26 UN Climate Conference held in Glasgow between October 31 and November 13, 2021.  He was there... Continue Reading →

NDP’s sixtieth anniversary, 2021

Tommy Douglas wins NDP leadership, 1961 As it prepares for a likely federal election call in 2021, the New Democratic Party may be far too preoccupied to notice – but it was 60 years ago this week that the NDP came into being during a sweltering five-day convention in the Ottawa coliseum. The 1800 delegates... Continue Reading →

David Frum defends John A Macdonald

Recently, David Frum, a staff writer for The Atlantic magazine and a Canadian expatriate, wrote an article defending John A Macdonald against his detractors. Frum is piqued that Macdonald’s statues are being removed from public spaces, and in some cases vandalized. It is not for me to tell cities, airport authorities or school boards what... Continue Reading →

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