Poems of the Camino

Suzanne Doerge, a poet and activist who lives in Ottawa, walked the Camino de Santiago in northern Spain 2016. She developed painful problems with her feet, but used her rest time, interspersed with walking, to ponder on the meaning of pilgrimage and life. The result is her book, Footfalls: Poems of the Camino.

Mennonites and national socialism

Mennonite Central Committee (MCC) was working in Germany before and after the Second World War. The organization arranged emigration for thousands of Mennonites who had escaped to Germany from Ukraine. Many of those Mennonites had welcomed the Nazis as liberators from Soviet communism, and some were collaborators. In Germany, some MCC advocates were also sympathetic to the Nazis as well. MCC is now coming to terms with a difficult and troubling past.

Doug Ford’s fibs on cataract surgery

Ontario Premier Doug Ford has announced plan to move cataract surgeries from public hospitals to private clinics. He says people will continue to use their health cards and not their credit cards. I have recent experience which gives the lie to those claims.

Saskatchewan farmland, new serfdom

Robert Andjelic owns 225,000 acres of Saskatchewan farmland, about as much as 125 average-sized farmers. His model represents depopulation on steroids. Do we really want latifundia and a modern-day serfdom where absentee landowners hire locals to work their estates?

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