Bellingcat in Ukraine

Bellingcat specializes in fact-checking and open-source intelligence to cut through the fog of misinformation that surrounds wars and conflict.

Saskatchewan farmland, new serfdom

Robert Andjelic owns 225,000 acres of Saskatchewan farmland, about as much as 125 average-sized farmers. His model represents depopulation on steroids. Do we really want latifundia and a modern-day serfdom where absentee landowners hire locals to work their estates?

Jackie Gruending: a memorial tribute

We lost our dear brother Jackie Gruending to the ravages of multiple sclerosis in 2021 at age 57. This memorial booklet combines his personal history along with that of our family and community, with lots of photos.

Covid-19 was not from a lab

Some believe that COVID-19 originated in a Chinese lab. Others insist it was an American lab. But a group of eighteen health scientists says that COVID-19 began in a market in the Chinese city of Huanan, where the virus spread from live animals to humans.

Medicare at 60: RCMP spied on founders

Medicare was born amid controversy in Saskatchewan in 1962, when most of the province’s doctors went on strike rather than cooperate with a new government plan. Now, I have discovered that the RCMP believed it was all a communist plot and so they spied upon Medicare’s proponents. Talking about being on the wrong side of history.

Covid and remote learning, a grandparent’s diary

I sat beside my six-year-old grandson as he endured online classes in grade one during the peak of the COVID-19 outbreak in 2021. It was not a pleasant experience for him. Nor was it a picnic for me, hovering just off screen. But I was pleased to accompany him.


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