Pulpit and Politics wins Canadian blog award

 By Dennis Gruending

best_blog_100.jpgPulpit and Politics has won the 2008 Canadian Blog Award in the category of best Religious-Philosophy blog. Winners were decided on the basis of votes they received from readers, so thanks to those of you who voted. The Religious-Philosophy category was one of several in which awards were made. Others included Best Blog Overall, Professional, Career, Political, Humour, Disability.

I want to thank my friend and colleague David Blaikie, who helped me to set up the blog and who has been here to help every time that glitches have occurred. One of those was our inability to provide an RSS feed for people who want to receive the blog automatically in that way. We weren’t sure why it didn’t work, but after some tinkering it finally does work. So please register for the RSS feed on this site if you wish.  

Here is what some readers are saying about Pulpit and Politics:

“Ex-NDP MP Dennis Gruending has been writing Pulpit and Politics for just over a year now. He is now up for a 2008 Canadian Blog Award in the category of Best Religious-Philosophy blog, and has indeed reached the final round. The title pretty much says it all: Mr. Gruending examines the intersection of Canadian politics and both right and left wing political movements. Level-headed, scholarly, but always a good read. When the final round opens, he’s got my vote.”  — BigCityLib Strikes Back

“Dennis Gruending is a man who has worn a lot of hats and his blog Pulpit and Politics took 1st in the category this year. Dennis has been an MP, worked with the Canadian Conference of Catholic Bishops, and was a print and broadcasting journalist. What comes through at Pulpit and Politics is his keen intellect, love of Canadian history and sharp analysis of the intersection of faith in society. Ethical and plainspoken scholarship represents this category well.” — Bene Diction

“If you would like to read more about the political differences between Canada and the United States and how that impacts on matters of faith, I have found that the blog Pulpit and Politics by Dennis Gruending, is very good at exploring these differences in depth.” — Eclectic Christian

The Bene Diction blog won an award this year, as it did in 2007, and I would commend it to your attention.   


One thought on “Pulpit and Politics wins Canadian blog award

  1. Hi Dennis,

    Congratulations on the award. I hadn’t visited in a while, but saw the link back to my site. I see that you have written many more interesting posts. I will try and highlight your site again in a future post. I write the occasional post that might be of interest to you as well.

    Mike Bell


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