Anne Gruending, in memoriam

Anne Gruending 1924-1976
Anne Gruending 1924-1976

My mother died on the Easter weekend in 1976 and we think of her especially at this time of year.

She was born in rural Saskatchewan in 1924 and met my father (Rudy) when they attended the same two-room schoolhouse.

She was vigorous, fun-loving and a hard worker. They were married in 1946 and for awhile all was well.

Then she began to become ill and eventually she was diagnosed with an aggressive case of multiple sclerosis. She began to limp, her hands shook, and she lost part of her sight.

She fought the disease tenaciously through several pregnancies and increasingly frail health.  She remained a loving mother throughout.

She had to go into a home in 1971, at age 47. In April 1976, she was hospitalized for pneumonia and soon after she died, far too early, at age 52. We remember her.


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  1. Dennis, your mom was a courageous, wonderful person. Gosh, she died young. Lois and I thought we lost mom and dad too early – 69. Glorianne’s mom is 97! Happy Easter to you and your family.


    1. Thanks for the kind note Ron. When I was searching for the picture of mom, I found a nice one that I had taken of your dad in the 1970s. I will send it along to you and Lois in the next couple of days. All the best to you and yours.


    1. Thanks Don for your comment. As you will recall we just lived a few houses from one another. Our mothers, Anne and Mary, had many visits together. Mary was a very kind person. I hope that all is well with you.


  2. Actually I know a woman like this. We’ll call her Denise. Denise was an active person, running a group home. Then she developed a MS. It was a particularly aggressive form. Within a few years she lost most of her mobility.

    Then one weekend a couple of US Jesuit priests famous for their healing powers came to town (I forgotten their names) for a weekend healing conference and Denise went to it. I saw her on that Friday evening. By then she was getting around on two canes, and had great difficulty moving.

    Two nights later I saw Denise again. We were in a basement room and we heard somebody running down the stairs and poked their head into the room. It was Denise. She was there long enough to say hello and went running back up the stairs again.

    Miracles do happen. I saw it with my own eyes.


  3. Dennis: I remember you speaking about your mother with much love and some longing. It is great to see a (new) photo of this vibrant, beautiful woman. She lives on through you and yours. You so honour her by keeping her memory alive.


  4. Unfortunately I never had the privilege of meeting the woman who would have been my mother-in-law. I am very appreciative of the wonderful man she brought into the world.


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