Pulpit and Politics a finalist in 2010 Canadian Blog Awards

Canadian Blog Awards FinalistMy Pulpit and Politics blog remains in the running for a 2010 Canadian Blog Award in the Politics category. All ballots in this second and final round of voting must be cast by 12 Noon on Tuesday, October 26th. If you enjoy reading Pulpit and Politics I would ask you to please vote for it. You can do so by clicking here, checking off Pulpit and Politics, then clicking on the blue VOTE sign.

In fact, the competition is organized so that you can vote once in each 24-hour period until Tuesday, October 26th. I don’t know why organizers are using this multiple voting procedure and I don’t like it – busy people have better things to do than to vote each day for several days running. I intend to make my views know to conveners of the Canadians Blog Awards – even though I am grateful to them for organizing the contest.

However, since these are the rules for this year, I hope that you might find the time to vote for Pulpit and Politics on each of several days.

And now, back to work on new content. I am writing an analysis of an important book called Global Rebellion: Religious Challenges to the Secular State. Its author is American academic Mark Juergensmeyer. Watch for it.

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