Pulpit and Politics available in Ebook format

Pulpit and Politics: Competing Religious Ideologies in Canadian Public Life
Pulpit and Politics

Pulpit and Politics: Competing Religious Ideologies in Canadian Pubic Life remains  available as an Ebook format. The book is a provocative exposé of the political ideology and tactics employed by religious conservatives in Canada today. It examines the competition between religious progressives and conservatives for power and influence in Canadian life. Pulpit and Politics looks closely at the political ideology and tactics of the religious right but also documents the efforts made by religious progressives struggling to have their voices heard on issues of equality and peace, justice, human rights and world events.  The book has been well reviewed and accepted. Marci McDonald, best-selling author of The Armageddon Factor called it “a must-read for anyone who wishes to grasp the spiritual tensions at play behind Stephen Harper’s majority government.”

Former MP, Rev. Bill Blaikie says: “[These] well-informed observations on the role of faith in politics, and the politics of faith, are an insightful guide to the current political landscape.”

Joe Gunn, executive director, Citizens for Public Justice, says the blog and book “focus like a laser on the analytical heart of today’s burning issues. I not only enjoy reading Pulpit and Politics. It challenges me to respond to today’s social and religious struggles from deeper, more fervent and prophetic values.”

You can purchase Pulpit and Politics as an EBook in either the KOBO or KINDLE format.  

The book is also available as a trade paperback from the author: dennis.gruending@sympatico.ca


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