Trevor Herriot, Towards a Prairie Atonement

Writer, naturalist and activist Trevor Herriot says settlers have much to learn from First Peoples about living in harmony with the land and with one another.
Trevor Herriot speaks in Ottawa. Photo by Dennis Gruending.

In April,  I was invited by the Canadian Council of Churches to interview the well-known writer, naturalist and activist Trevor Herriot. Members of the CCC’s Commission on Justice and Peace were meeting in Ottawa and asked Trevor to address them during an all-day meeting. They believe, correctly, that Trevor has much to say about living sustainably and with justice in our environment.

Trevor has published a new book called Towards a Prairie Atonement which is about a traditional Metis  settlement named Ste. Madeleine, on the Manitoba-Saskatchewan border. In 1937-38, the Metis people were forced out of their community which became part of a community pasture.

Of course there is much more to this story. Trevor believes that settlers have much to learn from First Peoples about how to live sustainably and in harmony on the Canadian prairie and grasslands, which he says is among the most altered landscapes on earth.

The CCC along with Citizens for Public Justice invited the public to an evening event in which Trevor read from his book prior to my conversation with him. I was also asked by the Christian Courier to write an article about Trevor. You can read it by clicking HERE:


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